20 Best Wear OS Apps For Android Smartwatches – Must Have

Best Wear OS Apps

Google has ignored WearOS for a long time but now, they have partnered with Samsung, so things will change. When a smartwatch is running on WearOS, it can do more than fitness tracking, for example, playing games, to-do lists, calendars, playing podcasts, and much more.

So here, I have searched all over the internet and come up with the best WearOS apps that will add value to your life…

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Best Wear OS Apps

You may already know that to use all these 20 apps, you need to have a smartwatch that runs on WearOS, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Samsung smartwatch or Google’s.

Now, let’s explore those 20 WearOS Applications.

Productivity Apps For Wear OS

As the name says, it will add value to your life. The good thing is that some of the apps are stand-alone, so you won’t need your smartphone all the time, everything will be there on your wrist.


Todoist App Image01

If you use Todoist on your smartphone and if you’re using a WearOS smartwatch then you must use this application, all the tasks for the day will on your wrist.

First of all, you just need to add all the tasks on a smartphone application and after that, you won’t even need a smartphone.

You will be able to set reminders, shopping lists, and much more with just one application.

Google Keep

Google Keep for WearOS Image01

Personally, I use Google Keep for taking notes as it’s linked to my Google Account, which makes life easier.

Now, for those who don’t know, Google Keep is note taking app which comes by default with all Android smartphones, a simple yet convenient note-talking app that is available for free on almost all devices. So try it out, if you haven’t already.

Camera One

Camera One App Image01

Whether you want to take group photos or shoot videos on a smartphone, Camera One will help a lot.

For example, if you’re shooting a video for YouTube by Yourself then you can just use this app to shoot videos, the app will give you a mirror view along with the play, pause, and start buttons.

Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder Image01

Yes, you will be able to record directly from the smartwatch, you just need to tap on the start button and you are good to go.

It’s a handy app if you want to take notes or record meetings or something else. I really don’t get why Google didn’t include the Audio Recorder app by default on WearOS, it’s such a handy feature to have…

Ultimate Alexa

Ultimate Alexa Image01

Yes, you heard it right, Alexa on WearOS, its not official but it works best all the time.

You already know what it does. Alexa will answer everything you ask to manage smart home devices. So if you have installed any of the Alexa smart speakers then this could add lots of value.

Multi Calculator

Multi Calculator Image01

Another app that should be installed by default with all the WearOS smartwatches. By the way, this is not a normal Calculator, it comes with a currency converter, and it can also do the normal calculation too.

Fitness Apps For Wear OS

You guessed it right, it will make your body & mind fit. Now, when you’re doing exercise, it’s better not to use a smartphone and this is where smartwatches come in along with some handy fitness applications.


Calm App Image01

If you’re just starting out with meditation then this app will make lots of difference, by the way, it’s a premium app and you will have to pay $70 a year.

Now, you can use tons of other WearOS apps that will help you with relaxation exercises but if you have money and wanted the best app then give it a try.


FitMe App Image01

Ohh, did you ask for animation, the Fitme app includes 7 Minutes Home Workouts that also include animated exercises, so you can see, how to do the exercise?

Now, this is a free app, so you don’t have to pay anything, just use it and go get yourself six packs.

Fit Companion

Fit Companion App Image01

You know the Google Fit app right, it’s a simple app to track fitness but if you want some advanced fitness data then you can give it a try Fit Companion.

The developers of Fit Companion said that we’re not competing with any other fitness tracking app, our app is just an extended version of the Google Fit app.

By the way, it’s a freemium app, if you want more features then you can pay otherwise, the free version is more than sufficient.

Entertainment Apps For Wear OS

Whether you want to know the song name, listen to the music, or listen to the podcast, everything can be done directly from the wrist. Just use the mentioned app which is available for free and works the best all the time…


Spotify App for Wear OS Image01

Look, I love Spotify, it’s a simple yet powerful music streaming application. Now, if you’re a Spotify user, you can also use the app on your smartwatch.

Now, I don’t have to explain what Spotify does, so use it and listen to your favorite song directly from your wrist.


Shazam Image01

Fun fact, Apple bought the Shazam, and yet it’s available on WearOS as well as on Android.

The app will identify any song.

For example, if you’re listening to music and wanted to know the artist, song name, or even album then just open the Shazam app, it will tell you everything about that music in a second, and its works all the time.

Wear Casts

Wear Casts Image01

I love to listen to podcasts and the Wear Casts app will make that even easier…

So from now, just install this app on your smartwatch, and even if you go for a run and wanted to listen to your favorite podcast then just stream it directly on your wrist, no need for a smartphone anymore.

Utility Apps For Wear OS

These are those apps that will make your life easier in day-to-day life, whether you want to pay someone, wanted to go for a ride, wanted to find locations or translate into other languages.

Google Maps

Google Maps Image01

We all know, how Google Maps works on smartphones but what if I tell you that, it works the same way on smartwatches too?

It’s also very easy to find the location because you’re tracking the location from your wrist.

Now, I do use Google Maps on my smartwatch whenever I visit a new city, so give it try and see whether you like it or not.

Google Translate

Google Translate Image01

From now, no need to pull out a smartphone to Translate, you can just use Google Translate on your smartwatch and it works the best because it’s Google’s own app.

By the way, it has all the feature that is available on smartphone application.


Uber App Image01

I don’t travel a lot but if you’re one of those people who love to travel and has money for it then now you can use Uber on your Smartwatch, just install the app from the Play Store and use the app as you use on a smartphone.

Watch Faces

Watch Faces App Image01

By the way, I don’t customize my watch faces very often but if you love to do that then make sure you use this app as it has more than 100,000 watch faces, you just need to use the app on your smartphone to access all the watch faces.

By the way, it is free to use as an app but as someone said, nothing comes for free, so you will see ads here and there.

Google Pay

Google Pay For Wear OS Image01

I don’t have to say anything about this app, if you’re not using it then you’re doing it, just install it from Play Store and you will be able to pay bills from your wrist, no need to use a smartphone anymore.

Games For Wear OS

I don’t love to play games on my smartwatch but if you wanted to give it try then, install these games, they will be fun at the same time, and they will make your brain run faster…

2048 Android Wear

2048 Android Wear Image01

This is a 2in1 game that you can play on mobile as well as on a smartwatch, it only has 28kb in size.

It’s a simple puzzle yet it can be addictive, so be careful with it.

Snake for Wear

Snake for Wear Game Image01

I have played snake games on Nokia phones for hours and the same experience you can get on your wrist. It’s a simple Snake game with simple controls and again, the same game is available on smartphones too.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop Game Image01

I don’t know about you but I love to play this kind of game, it will Relax your mind in a good way. The game comes with quite of few themes and levels too, so you won’t get bored while playing it.


That was it, these are some of the best apps for Wear OS, do let me know which one will you use.

Here, is a bonus one for you, if you use Telegram on Your smartphone then, you can also use the same on your Smartwatch too, so give it a try and see, how it looks.

By the way, I mostly use Spotify on my Smartwatch, what about you, let me know in the comment box…

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