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Dizo Watch D Review

RealMe is doing great in the IoT segment they have launched a dedicated brand that focuses on smart devices and yes, Dizo is one of those brands. It is a sub-brand of RealMe, so you will see some RealMe features on Dizo products.

Coming back to the new launch, the Dizo Watch D is priced at Rs 2999 in India and it comes with Classic Black, Steel White, Copper Pink, Bronze Green, and Dark Blue color options while its sold via Flipkart IN.

As a launch offer, Dizo is offering instant Rs 1000 discount which means, you can buy the dizo Watch D at only Rs 1999.

Now, let’s start the review and find out whether you should spend Rs 2999 on Dizo Watch D or not?

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Dizo Watch D Specifications

Display1.80 Inch Touch curved TFT,
240 x 286 Pixels
550 nits brightness
218 PPI Density
DimensionsWidth: 47 mm
Height: 37.6 mm
Weight: 53 gram
Strap22mm Removable
Bluetooth Version5.1
Sensors3-Axis Accelerometer,
Optical Heart Rate Sensor,
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level),
Wearing Monitoring
SupportAndroid 5.0+
iOS 10+
Battery360mAh Battery
0% to 100% in 2 hours
8 to 9 days battery life (full use)
10 to 11 days (normal use)
Features5ATM waterproof,
150 watch faces,
110 built-in sports Mode,
Sedentary reminder,
Female cycle,
Drinking Reminder,
Activity Tracker, 
Heart Rate Monitor,
Stress Monitoring, 
ColorsClassic Black,
Steel White,
Copper Pink,
Bronze Green,
and Dark Blue,
Model NumberDW21291

Dizo Watch D Review

Dizo Watch D Review Image01

Yes, the Dizo Watch D is worth buying because Dizo is offering tons of great features at great prices starting from a bigger 1.80-inches 550 nits bright display, 5ATM waterproof, 150+ watch faces, 110+ built-in sports modes, long-lasting battery life, all the necessary features and it’s available at Rs 2999 which is a perfect price for what Dizo is offering with Dizo Watch D.

As this is a budget smartwatch, it doesn’t have an AMOLED display, Dizo is gone with the TFT panel. Now, this is no a big issue because it’s only available at Rs 2999 and also, Dizo has provided good quality TFT panel, so there won’t be any kind of issue while using the watch outdoors.

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The watch also has a dedicated sports mode and the Accuracy of all the sensors are good, so it’s not very bad.

For the price of Rs 2999, Dizo Watch D is a great option to consider, you won’t be disappointed with the display quality or with the Accuracy of fitness data.

Dizo Watch D Pros and Cons

Magnetic charging pinBit Heavy
Larger 1.80-inches curved displayNo built-in GPS
550nits brighter panel
5ATM waterproof
Solid software support
Bluetooth Version 5.1
Good Battery Life
Comfortable to wear
110 built-in sports Mode


Dizo Watch D Image01

The Dizo Watch D comes with a 1.80-inches curved TFT display with a pick brightness of 550 nits and 240 x 286 Pixels resolution.

Do note, that the watch is priced at Rs 2999, so at this price, one should not expect the AMOLED panel. Also, Dizo has used good quality TFT display, so there is nothing to worry about.

The Dizo has also provided the 110+ watch faces which can be changed through the Dizo application.

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Talking about the display, it has a square curved display which looks premium compared to any other budget smartwatch. In some areas, it does look like an OPPO watch, and that is a compliment because the OPPO watch is priced at Rs 19999.

Overall, considering the display quality, you will be more than happy with the 1.80-inches TFT panel, you won’t feel that the watch has a TFT display.

Dizo Application

Dizo Applications

As of now, RealMe has three different applications for three different brands, the RealMe Link app, the RealMe Fit app, and the Dizo App, here, let’s talk about the Dizo Application.

Talking about the app, it has all the features that a smartwatch should have. You will be able to see, the battery percentage, steps, calories, sleep tracking, and heart rate graph.

Also, if you run a lot then you can also use your smartphone GPS which is added to the RealMe Fit app.

The Dizo app is well-organized and you won’t face any kind of problem while using it. By the way, the Dizo App is available on Android and iOS.

Design, Comfort, and Build

Dizo Watch D Image05

This is where I feel, Dizo has done a great job, the watch does have 53 grams of weight but even after that, it doesn’t feel that heavy.

It’s a bit heavy watch because Dizo has used a steel frame and not a Plastic frame which most the budget smartwatch has.

And that’s the reason, it will give you that premium vibe and it will look beautiful in your brand because of the build quality.

As I have said, the Dizo Watch D is available in Classic Black, Steel White, Copper Pink, Bronze Green, and Dark Blue color options. Personally, I like Classic Black, do let me know, which color will you pick…

The strap belt quality is also good, Dizo has used good quality rubber.

Overall, the Dizo watch D looks more stylish compared to any other budget smartwatch under Rs 3000 in India and it’s also comfortable to wear.


Dizo Watch D Image03

As this is Smart-Watch, it has all the sensors like 3-Axis Accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level), and Wearing Monitoring.

Dizo has also added all the necessary features like 5ATM waterproof, 150 watch faces, 110 built-in sports Modes, Sedentary reminder, Female cycle, Drinking Reminder, Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2, and Stress Monitoring too.

Now, to control everything, we have the Dizo app which is available both on iOS as well as on Android.

As you can tell from the 110 sports mode, Dizo Watch D has a dedicated sports mode which means, that whether you want to count footsteps, calculate calories, or even use it while swimming, the watch will provide accurate fitness data.

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The SpO2 sensor also works the best, it doesn’t feel gimmicky and the same can be said for the heart rate monitoring too.

By the way, don’t rely 100% on a smartwatch when you’re measuring heart rate or SpO2, if you’re not feeling good then just visit the hospital.

Still, Dizo has done a great job which shows in real life too.

Overall, for the price of Rs 2999, Dizo has done a great job from calculating fitness data to sleep monitoring. You won’t feel that you’re using a smartwatch worth Rs 2999 at any movement

Battery Life

Dizo Watch D Image02

Just like every single company, Dizo has also promised 14-days of battery life but that won’t happen in Real Life.

If you use all the features from SpO2, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking then expect the battery life to be around 8 to 9 days battery life.

Now, if you don’t use all the features then you will get battery life to be around 10 to 11 days.

Of course, battery life will depend on every user and how they use the smartwatch. So take these numbers to get an idea about the battery.


Dizo Watch D Image06

The Dizo Watch D has all ingredients which make the watch a better option at Rs 2999 price tag, it does have its flow but even after that, its good buy.

As I have said, One of the best things about Dizo Smartwatches is its software support. Dizo has worked hard on the software side of things to give you a better experience.

From WearablesDrop and my side, its the green light for Dizo Watch D, you won’t be disappointed with the smartwatch at all

Still, if you have any kind of questions then do let me know in the comment I would love to help you, see you there.

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