Is it Worth Buying Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged app health data

I have stopped reviewing the Fire Boltt smartwatch because it’s been years and yet they have not improved their App or even Watch UI and they’re launching 7 to 10 smartwatches every month in India.

I have made an entire article about MADE IN INDIA smartwatches do check it before buying this smartwatch.

Now, let’s see whether the Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged is worth the Rs 3,499 price tag or not.

Is it Worth Buying Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Application

No, the Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged is not worth buying because this is a Rugged smartwatch and it has a plastic unibody and rest of the features are the same as any other Rs 2000 smartwatch.

The watch feels and looks cheap. The used plastic is solid but still, it feels that a Rs 1000 Chinese smartwatch, oh wait, this is imported from China.

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Side Buttons

Most of the Indian smartwatch brands are importing smartwatches from China and adding their software on top.

Now, I don’t have any problem that they’re importing smartwatches from China, the problem is, they’re not working on software.

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Right Sides

So kindly, if you can, stay away from the Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged and take look at some good smartwatch that has good software along with the build and provides accurate fitness data.

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Price in India

By the way, the Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged is priced at Rs 3,499 in India and it’s available in Solid Green, Solid Black, Camouflage Green, and Camouflage Black color options while it will go for sale on 31st January 2023 Via Flipkart.

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Specs

Display1.78-inches AMOLED
60Hz Refresh Rate
368×448 pixels Resolution
500 nits pick the brightness
SensorsSpO2 sensor
HR sensor
Sleep monitor
Female health tracker
Other Features123 Sports Mode,
In-built Games,
Voice Assistant,
Weather forecasts,
Alarm clock,
IP68 rating
Battery5 to 6 Days (Normal Usage)
1 to 2 Days (Full Usage)
PriceRs 3,499
ColorsSolid Green,
Solid Black,
Camouflage Green,
and Camouflage Black


Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Display

It has a 1.78-inch 60Hz AMOLED display which is great and the 500 nits brightness is good enough to use the watch under the sunlight.

So no issue with the display, whatsoever.

Health and Fitness

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged SpO2

Fire Boltt has provided a whopping 123 sports modes, now, you can only choose 10 modes from the app to use on this smartwatch.

It also has a SpO2 sensor, an HR sensor, a sleep monitor, and even a female health tracker.

Keep in mind, you should never trust the SpO2 sensor of a budget smartwatch because they’re using an optical sensor that is not accurate, so take the SpO2 numbers as an additional feature.

The heart rate sensor is also kind of okay, work fine but again, never trust it, if you have some serious health issues

Brands like Noise, Fire Foltt, and even boAt don’t work well on the fitness side of things or they don’t even bother to update it as they’re launching 8 to 10 watches every month.

So updating every single watch will take years, so if you buy this watch then don’t expect anything from updates.

Battery Life

Guess what, Fire Boltt didn’t release the battery size number of the Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged but they have promised 10 days of battery life.

Yes, that’s not true, expect the battery to last for about 1 to 2 days with full usage but if you don’t use Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, or even always on display then expect the battery life to be around 5 to 6 days.

Bluetooth Calling

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Bluetooth calling

Bluetooth Calling is just a feature, a single microphone and single speaker don’t mean the watch will provide good sound in public spaces.

If you’re at home then you will get the best sound, you will able to hear someone on call and he/she will also be able to listen to your voice without any kind of problem.

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The problem is when it comes to public places where people are walking around, the noise of cars, and bikes then you will have a hard to hearing someone else’s voice via a smartwatch speaker.

In short, the microphone and speaker on Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged are kind of okay.


Always choose quality over quantity and I feel, Indian Smartwatch brands need to work on that, they don’t have to launch 7 to 10 watches every month, instant, launch great two or three watches every year.

Now, Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged is good to watch but it’s too pricey, and Fire Boltt is justifying the price because of that Rugged tag while the rugged is not even rugged.

So make a wise decision because you have earned Rs 3,499, so buy a good gadget.

Still, if you have any kind of questions then feel free to comment and now, I will see you there.

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