RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 Review with Pros and Cons: Bang for the buck

RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100

RealMe is the new brand when it comes to the wearable market and yet they manage to capture a 6% smartwatch market share in India which is huge growth compared to any other brand. This all happens because they’re launching smartwatches at affordable prices.

The RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 is priced at Rs 2,499 in India and it’s available in Lake Blue and Magic Grey color options while it’s sold via the Amazon India website.

So today let’s review the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 and find out whether it’s worth the Rs 2499 or not?

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RealMe Techlife SZ100 Specs

Display1.69 Inch Touch TFT,
240×280 Pixel,
530 nits,
218 PPI Density
Strap20mm Removable
Bluetooth Version5.1
Sensors3-Axis Accelerometer,
Optical Heart Rate Sensor,
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level)
SupportAndroid 5.0+
iOS 11+
Battery260mAh Battery
5 to 6 days battery life (full use)
9 to 10 days (normal use)
Weight34 gram
FeaturesIP68 Water Resistant,
24 built-in sports Mode,
Sleep Monitor, 
Activity Tracker, 
Heart Rate Monitor,
Stress Monitoring, 
Available atAmazon In

RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 Review

Yes, the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 is worth buying because it offers real value at a real price, the smartwatch has everything from a large 1.69-inches 530 nits bright display, comfortable design, lightweight build, 24+ built-in sports mode, sleep monitoring, great software support and on top of that, its available at Rs 2,499 which is a good price for what RealMe is offering.

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Now, the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 does have its flows but even after that it’s worth buying because of the pricing, looks like, RealMe has understood that, Indian people want value for money products at a good price.

Keep in mind that the watch does have IP68 Water Resistant which means, a little bit of water won’t hurt the smartwatch. It’s not a fully waterproof smartwatch, so don’t try to use it while swimming.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good-looking smartwatch that offers smart features then you can consider the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100, and I’m 99.99% that you won’t be disappointed.

RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 Pros and Cons

Lightweight BuildNo built-in GPS
Has all the necessary featuresNot fully waterproof
Larger 1.69-inches display
530nits brighter panel
Comfortable to wear
Great software support
Bluetooth Version 5.1
Available at a Good Price
Decent Battery Life
Magnetic charging pin

Design, Comfort, and Build

realme TechLife Watch SZ100 01

As you can tell, the watch has a square design which we have seen in quite of few smartwatches, so nothing new here. The watch is also made out of 100% plastic and RealMe has used good quality plastic, so the watch doesn’t feel cheap.

On the front, we have a 1.69-inches display and just like every single budget smartwatch, this too has a big bottom chin. Now, you can’t complain about the chin because the watch is priced at only Rs 2499 but still, if you don’t like the bottom chin then you have to go above Rs 5000.

This time, RealMe has changed the strap belt, it looks more sporty and stylish and it’s also made out of good material.

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So if you’re like me who wears the smartwatch 24/7 then your wrist won’t hurt.

Coming to the bottom, here, RealMe has added all the necessary sensors like heart rate, SpO2, and axis Accelerometer.

Overall, the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 looks more stylish compared to any other budget smartwatch under Rs 3000 in India and it’s also comfortable to wear because it only has 34 grams of weight.


realme TechLife Watch SZ100 02

The RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 comes with a 1.69-inches TFT display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels and 530 nits pick brightness.

Yes, the smartwatch has a TFT panel but it’s a good quality panel, you won’t even feel that the watch has a TFT display or quality of the panel is bad, or something else.

Its also visible under the sunlight because of that 530nits pick brightness.

Now, RealMe didn’t add the ambient light sensor on this watch but hey, this is priced at Rs 2499, so we can’t expect the ambient light sensor.

Talking about the watch faces, here, RealMe has added 200+ watch faces which you can access from the RealMe Fit app. Also, if you want, you can upload any of your images too.

Overall, considering the price, the RealMe Techlife SZ100 has a great display. I feel you’ll be happier with the display quality.

Realme Fit App

realme Fit application

One of the best things about RealMe Smartwatches is its software support. RealMe has worked hard on the software side of things to give you a better experience and I hope Indian brands like boAt and Noise do the same very soon.

Talking the Realme Fit App, it has all the features that a smartwatch should have. You will be able to see, the battery percentage, steps, calories, sleep tracking, and heart rate graph.

Also, if you run a lot then you can also use your smartphone GPS which is added to the RealMe Fit app.

The RealMe Fit app well-organized application and you won’t face any kind of problem while using it.

By the way, the RealMe Fit App is available on Android and iOS.


realme TechLife Watch SZ100 04

This is where I got surprised?

I have tested quite of few budget smartwatches and the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 did a good job compared to any other budget smartwatches.

At home, I have SPO2 CLIP which dedicated machine for monitoring SPO2.

So what I did is, I tested my spO2 level on RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 and SPO2 CLIP machine. Now, the result was similar, as usual, the SPO2 CLIP machine give accurate data but at the same time, the watch showed an error margin of around 5% which isn’t very bad as the RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 is only priced at Rs 2499.

This means, that if you want to use RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 for GYM or any kind of activity then you can use it but keep that 5% error margin.

By the way, don’t rely 100% on a smartwatch when you’re measuring heart rate or SpO2, if you’re not feeling good then just visit the hospital.

Still, RealMe has done a great job which shows in real life too.

One thing to note, if you keep RealMe Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 beside any cloth ten still, it provides heart rate data. Now, this doesn’t happen every single time, this feels like, it can be fixed with software.

Battery Life

realme TechLife Watch SZ100 06

Just like every single company, RealMe has also promised 12-days of battery life but that won’t happen in Real Life.

If you use all the features from SpO2, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking then expect the battery life to be around 5 to 6 days battery life.

Now, if you don’t use all the features then you will get battery life to be around 9 to 10 days.

Of course, battery life will depend on every user and how they use the smartwatch. So take these numbers to get an idea about the battery.


RealMe Techlife SZ100 is a solid offering from RealMe and it has all the elements while it’s also available at a good price too. The key part of the smartwatch is its Watch UI and RealMe Fit app, the software makes the smartwatch a better option compared to any other budget smartwatches.

So yes, if you’re looking for a smartwatch under Rs 3000 then you can consider the RealMe Techlife SZ100.

Still, if you have any kind of questions then do let me know in the comment I would love to help you, see you there.

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