4 Reasons to BUY Amazfit Pop 2 and 1 Reason to NOT

Amazfit Pop 2 Indian Retail Box

Amazfit Pop 2 is here and it’s specially made for Indian users. It has everything from Bluetooth calling, solid build, affordable pricing, and even an AMOLED panel but is it worth the Rs 3999 price tag? Let’s find out.

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Reasons to Buy Amazfit Pop 2

Amazfit has added everything that Indian users want and that’s what we gonna talk about first, so here I present to you 4 reasons to buy the newly launched Amazfit Pop 2.


Amazfit Pop 2 Image 11

The display is very important in smartwatches because that’s what you will see all the time and guess what, Amazfit Pop 2 does have an excellent display.

The watch comes with a 1.78-inches AMOLED display with 368 x 448 pixels. The screen brightness is also good, so you will able to read or use the watch directly under the sunlight.

Amazfit Pop 2 Image 3

On top of that, Amazfit has also added the Always-on-Display mode which can be enabled or disabled directly through the watch, you don’t have to open the Amazfit Active app.

The only thing I want to see more is more information on Always-on-Display, for now, it only shows the time and that’s it.


Amazfit Pop 2 Image 4

Another budget smartwatch with Zinc Alloy Frame but the catch is, it has a glossy frame while there is plastic on the back.

Because of that, the watch has 59 grams of weight but still, the watch doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear. In short, you can use the watch all day, and all night without any problem.

The point is the watch looks and feels amazing on the hands. You won’t feel that you’re using a Rs 3999 smartwatch.

Bluetooth Calling with Cherry on top

Amazfit Pop 2 Image 8

We have tons of Bluetooth calling smartwatches under Rs 5000, so there is nothing new to talk about but Amazfit has added one new feature that might attract you to Amazfit Pop 2.

The new feature is Whatsapp calling.

Yes, we don’t have many smartwatches under Rs 5000 that support Whatsapp Bluetooth calling but Amazfit has added this feature.

To enable the WhatsApp calling feature, you just have to install the Zepp Active app and give the necessary permission and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that, you won’t be able to take WhatsApp video calls as the Amazfit Pop 2 doesn’t have a built-in camera but you will able to take Voice calls.

Also, just like any other budget smartwatch, this too doesn’t have the best microphone.

For example, if you’re in a crowded place then another person on call might have a hard time hearing your voice. Nonetheless, it’s good to see, Bluetooth Calling features in affordable watches too.

Watch UI and App

Amazfit Active App Watchfaces Store

With a warm heart, I’m telling you this,

Amazfit Pop 2 is not running on Zepp OS, they’re using typical watch UI which we’re seeing in other budget smartwatches.

Also, you will have to download the Zepp Active App, the Zepp app won’t work with this smartwatch.

Nonetheless, the watch UI is smooth and application too. So it’s not like, the watch lags or freezes for a second.

Reasons to Not Buy Amazfit Pop 2

Okay, the Amazfit Pop 2 only has one disadvantage which is very huge and it might change your mind. So let’s talk about that one reason why you shouldn’t buy the Amazfit Pop 2.


Amazfit Active App Home UI 01

I have said many times that Amazfit smartwatches are the best if your main priority is fitness (under Rs 5000) but that changes with Amazfit Pop 2, the only reason for that might be missing Zepp OS.

Zepp OS has been in development for years, so it has improved a lot but now with Amazfit Pop 2, they just removed the Zepp OS because they wanted to differentiate between their premium and budget smartwatches.

So for now, the Amazfit Pop 2 doesn’t count the accurate steps or heart rate or even SpO2. Now it could be because of the OS or something else.

I hope, Amazfit works on the software and manage to solve this problem but that’s for the future, at this movement, the watch does calculate inaccurate data.

For example,

When you’re exercising, keep the error margin around 10%. For example, if the watch is showing you that you have completed the 10,000 steps then the real number would be either 11,000 or 10,500.

In short, Keep the error margin at around 10%.


I have said this on MobileDrop and I will say it again,

Amazfit Pop 2 is first Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch and then Fitness tracking smartwatch, so choose wisely.

Amazfit Pop 2 Key Specs

  • Display: 1.78-Inches AMOLED Display, Always-on-Display
  • Build: Plastic Back, Zinc Alloy Frame, and Silicone Strap (22mm)
  • Weight: 59 grams of weight
  • Sensors: Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Heart Rate sensor, and 3-axis motion sensors
  • Other Features: Bluetooth Calling, Whatsapp Calling, 5 ATM IP68 Water-Resistant, 100+ Sports Mode, and 150+ Watch Faces
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Battery: 270mAh battery
  • App: Zepp Active Application
  • Colors: Black and Pink Color Options
  • Price: Rs 3,999

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Images by Techniqued

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