3 Reasons to BUY Fire Boltt Ring Plus and 4 Reasons to NOT

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Review

Let me introduce you to the Fire Boltt Ring Plus, a brand new clone of the Apple Watch. So if you wanted to buy the Apple Watch but for whatever reason, you didn’t get it, now, thanks to Fire Boltt, you can experience the Apple Watch at only Rs 3499.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus is priced at Rs 3,499 in India and it comes in Black, Beige, Blue, White, and Red colorways color options while it’s available on Amazon India’s Website.

So let’s see some of the reasons to buy and skip the Fire Boltt Ring Plus.

Reasons to BUY Fire Boltt Ring Plus

Fire Boltt is an Indian brand and they know, price is the most important thing, so that’s why, the price of Ring Plus is another reason to consider this watch, other than that, let’s see three reasons that might expect you to spend Rs 3,499 on Fire Boltt Ring Plus.

Build Quality

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 17

Just like OnePlus Nord Watch, Fire Boltt has also used Zinc alloy for the frame while buckles have made from stainless steel. The back has a glossy plastic finish.

The good thing is that the frame has a matt finish, which is why it looks and feels premium.

The watch is comfortable to wear, it doesn’t feel too heavy even while wearing it all day and all night.

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While yes, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus looks precisely the same as the Apple watch. In short, getting this kind of build and looks at Rs 3499 is rare and Fire Boltt has delivered the same.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 01

Design is subjective but I have to mention it…

Personally, I love the Apple Watch design, and that is the reason why I also like the Fire Boltt Ring Plus. Now, to complement the design, Fire Boltt has also added a good build too.

Bluetooth Calling

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 08

The watch comes with a microphone and speakers which means, you will be able to take and make calls directly from the watch.

Now, the watch doesn’t have a SIM card slot, so you will have to keep your smartphone with you all the time if you want to use the calling feature.

Back to the mic and speaker,

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 16

Fireboltt has used a good-quality microphone and speaker, so you won’t face any kind of problem while talking to someone but if you’re in heavily crowded places where there is too much noise then other people on call might have a hard time hearing your voice because the watch only has a single mic.

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Still, it’s good to see Fireboltt has added a microphone and even a speaker which can further be used as a voice assistant too. For example, Siri or even Google Assistant.

Reasons to Not BUY Fire Boltt Ring Plus

Just like any other product, Fire Boltt Ring Plus has its disadvantages. So now, it’s time to talk about some of the cons, so you get some idea of whether you should spend Rs 3,499 on this watch or not.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 10

Accuracy is one of the downsides of Fireboltt smartwatches, they do make good-looking smartwatches and adds tons of features but when it comes to heart rate, SpO2, or even Sleep tracking, Fire Boltt is not the best.

The same case is with Fire Boltt Ring Plus.

For example, if you’re watching movies and you don’t move for 20 minutes then the watch will add that 20 minutes to nap sleep cycle.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 12

Also, When you’re exercising, keep the error margin around 10%. For example, if the watch is showing you that you have completed the 10,000 steps then the real number would be either 11,000 or 10,500.

Again, heart rate and even SpO2 data are not accurate either, it doesn’t;t match up to the oximeter at all.

So if you’re planning to buy Fire Boltt Ring Plus to track your health data then kindly stay away from it as it doesn’t provide accurate fitness or health data.

By the way, the watch doesn’t have the built-in GPS, it uses the smartphone GPS and for that, you will have to keep your smartphone connected with Fire Boltt Ring Plus.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 06

Fire Boltt Ring Plus comes with a 1.91-inches TFT display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels and 218 PPI Density.

Now, of course, the watch has a larger display and even small bezels all our it but it has a lower resolution which is not good at all.

If the watch had a small display size then the 240×280 pixels might be acceptable but for a 1.91-inches display, it’s not.

So yes, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus should have a higher resolution, this way, you won’t see the display pixels too often.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 04

A Fire Boltt Ring Plus has a 1.91-inches display and yet Fire Boltt has added only a 230mAh battery which is too small.

On top of that, it also has Bluetooth Calling which will consume hall lot of battery.

For reference, the battery will last for 5 days with normal usage. The normal usage would be no Bluetooth calling, no 24/7 heart rate, SpO2, or even sleep tracking.

App and Watch Ui

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 14

We all know that Fire Boltt imports most of their smartwatches from China and there is nothing wrong with it but the problem I have is the software and app support.

The Da Fit app looks and feels outdated, it needs to be updated while the Watch UI is typical that we get in the Rs 1000 smartwatch.

It’s high time that Fire Boltt spends a little bit of money on R&D and makes a new watch UI or just uses the FreeRTOS which is open-source software for Wearables.

For those who don’t know, Amazfit also uses the FreeRTOS but they named their OS, Zepp OS.


Budget smartwatches are just fitness trackers with bigger displays, so if you want to use a smartwatch for a long time then its better to spend at least Rs 5000 and which case, you can consider the Dizo Watch D Talk, RealMe Watch 3 Pro or even Amazfit Bip 3 Pro.

Still, if you want to buy the Fire Boltt Ring Plus then do read my in-depth review on MobileDrop.

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*Images by Tech Singh

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