6 Best Smartwatch OS With Pros and Cons: Which is Best?

Smartwatch Operating Systems

We have only two dominant OS in smartphones which are Android and iOS but when it comes to Smartwatches we have tons of Operating Systems and each one has its own advantages.

List of Smartwatch OS (Operating Systems)

Even now, Apple dominates the smartwatch market all over the world except in India because in India, Apple products are more expensive and because of that we’re seeing the rise of Indian brands like boAt, Noise, and Firebolt.

Now, each brand whether it’s Indian or not, they have been using its own Operating Systems but just like everything else, everything is not good.

So let’s take look at some of the best Smartwatch Operating Systems along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Google Wear OS

Google WearOS

Google was sleeping for years but now, they have realized the power of Wearables and they have partnered with Samsung. So from now, every Samsung smartwatch will run on WearOS.

Because WearOS is made by Google, it provides access to all the Google services like Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.

Also just like any other OS, it also supports connectivity features like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and even LTE.

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You can also install third-party apps on WearOS, like, Instagram, Facebook, Google Keep, Todo List, Multi Calculator, and even WhatsApp.

You can also sync the Google Fit app on WearOS.

Advantages of Google Wear OS

WearOS will give you everything from Installing third-party apps, Google Play Store support, pre-added Google Assistant, a smooth UI experience, seamless connectivity with Android smartphones, and Access to Google services.

Disadvantages of Google Wear OS

The three disadvantages of Google WearOS will be that the smartwatch with WearOS will be expensive, the OS consumes more battery, and it can be a bit slow on low-end smartwatches.

2. Apple Watch OS

Apple Watch OS

The Watch OS is created by Apple means, it only works with Apple Products, and the Apple Watch won’t work with Android.

Apple loves to connect everything together and because of that, the Watch OS looks more like iOS. Siri comes built-in into the OS that you can use for almost everything, just say, hey Siri.

You can also keep cards and IDs in your wallet.

Now Apple Watch also comes with various models and depending on that, you get all major connectivity features, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular.

Apple has also made available API for developers, so they can build anything they want especially for Apple Watches.

All in all, you will get the same experience you get on the iPad, and iPhone when you use Apple Watch.

Advantages of Apple Watch OS

There are many advantages of the Apple Watch OS, the UI is very smooth, supports all the Apple services, Apple Maps, built-in Siri, and seamless connectivity with all the Apple products.

Disadvantages of Apple Watch OS

There are three disadvantages of the Apple Watch OS which are, that it only works with iPhones, the battery life is not great and most Apple watches are on the higher side.

3. Fitbit OS

Fitbit Smartwatch OS

Fitbit is one of the brands that only make smartwatches, that’s the main reason why they’re more focused on Fitbit OS. This was also the main reason why Google acquire Fitbit and now, Google will use some of the Fitbit OS features in the upcoming Pixel Watch.

The Fitbit OS allows you to track your health data, listen to music, and get health-related alerts on your wrist. There is also support for NFC payments with Fitbit Pay.

It also has all the fitness features like Accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level), Wearing Monitoring, and even Fitbit’s stress monitoring sensor too.

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Fitbit OS is more focused on the fitness side of things which you may have noticed on the products too. The Fitbit Charge 4 was one of the most popular products.

Fitbit has also added support for Bluetooth calling, Google Assistant, and even Amazon Alexa while third-party apps can be installed via the Fitbit App Gallery.

All in all, Fitbit OS is one of the best OS available on Android smartwatches, it’s smooth at the same time simple to use.

Advantages of Fitbit OS

There are many advantages of Fitbit OS like support for third-party apps, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, NFC payment, better implementation of health tracking, and even a Bluetooth calling feature.

Disadvantages of Fitbit OS

There are two main disadvantages of Fitbit OS which are there is full support for Google Services and still, there is no Cellular Calling support on Fitbit smartwatches.

4. Tizen OS

Tizen smartwatch OS

Samsung used to use the Tizen OS on their Galaxy Smartwatch but after they partnered with Google for WearOS, looks like they’re ditching the Tizon OS.

Even the recently launched Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro is running on WearOS but still, Samsung has kept some of the Tizen OS features.

Samsung has created its own Tizen App Store that allows users to download third-party apps on the watch. The Tizen OS also supports Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Now, this is Samsung’s OS, so they won’t use the Google Fit Application, they have their own Samsung Health application where you will be able to see all activity data.

The Tizen OS was made by Samsung for their Galaxy Watch but now, they’re not using the OS instant of that, they’re using the key feature from the OS.

So technically, the Tizen OS is dead unless and until something goes wrong with Samsung and Google.

Advanatges of Tizen OS

There are many advantages of Tizen OS like Support for Third-party Apps, Galaxy Store, NFC payments, Cellular Connectivity, smooth connectivity with all Galaxy devices, and it’s more focused on the Productivity side of things.

Disadvantages of Tizen OS

There are many disadvantages of Tizen OS but let’s focus on one or two, the battery life is not that on Tizen OS, the UI is not appealing, no proper support for Google Services. The main disadvantage is the Tizen OS is kind of dead.

5. FreeRTOS

FreeRTOS Smartwatches

The FreeRTOS is a type of Real-Time Operating System that can be designed differently for different smartwatches. The OS is lightweight and it can also run smoothly on low-end chipsets too.

The FreeRTOS also provides a long-lasting battery life. The same OS is also used by Amazfit too.

By the way, FreeRTOS was created in 2003 by Richard Barry but later it was acquired by Amazon.

The FreeRTOS is like WearOS (till Google launched Pixel Watch), they don’t make smartwatches but many companies around the globe use the FreeRTOS because it is lightweight while it’s not expensive, so even new brands can use this OS.

Now, the OS doesn’t have support for third-party apps, there are a few apps made available that can be used directly from the Watch but it doesn’t allow sideloading the apps.

Whoever uses the OS can make changes accordantly, just like how Amazfit has created Zepp OS on top of FreeRTOS.

It also has support for offline voice assistants, apps like Calculator, and more.

All in all, RTOS is built to provide an intuitive smartwatch experience while keeping the price in check.

Advanatges of FreeRTOS

There are many advantages of FreeRTOS for example, everyone can use the OS and make changes according, the UI is more polished and smooth, provides a long-lasting battery life, and the key advantage is, that the OS is not that heavy, like WearOS.

Disadvanatges of FreeRTOS

There are a few disadvantages of FreeRTOS which are there is no support for third-party Apps and Whoever uses the OS can make changes accordantly.

6. Zepp OS

Zepp Smartwatch OS

Now, if you have used a budget smartwatch then there is a chance that you might have used the Zepp OS because it’s made by Amazfit who more focused on budget smartwatches unlike, Samsung, Apple, or even Fitbit.

The Zepp OS is a lightweight operating system based on FreeRTOS that consumes less battery life. Besides, it has a dedicated health algorithm for better health tracking.

It also comes with some pre-loaded apps. The OS is also smooth to use even on a Rs 3000 smartwatch which says a lot for a smartwatch OS

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Now, most of the Amazfit smartwatch has Bluetooth calling feature, there is no cellular version available yet but they may launch it in the future.

Just like Fitbit OS, the Zepp OS is more focused on the Fitness side of things. So if your budget is Rs 5000 and wanted to buy a fitness-tracking smartwatch then don’t look for anything else, consider the Amazift Smartwatch.

By the way, this is my favorite Smartwatch OS because it’s available at a reasonable price at the same time, and the OS is smooth compared to all the other budget smartwatches.

Advantages of Zepp OS

There are many advantages of Zepp OS which are a Dedicated health algorithm, NFC payments enabled, long-lasting battery life and the key advantage is, that the smartwatches are available at a reasonable price.

Disadvantages of Zepp OS

There are two disadvantages of Zepp OS which are there is no proper support for Google Services and Zepp OS is limited to Amazfit Smartwatches.


These 6 Smartwatch Operating Systems are widely used by different smartwatch makers. We also have Garmin Watch OS which is made for Garmin smartwatches only, this OS looks more like Fitbit OS.

Brands like RealMe, Xiaomi, and many others use their own OS but they’re not that great. Maybe in the future that might change.

Now if you wanted to choose Smartwatch OS then you can consider WearOS but if you don’t spend more than Rs 10000 then you can also consider the Zepp OS or if you have iPhone then you should just go with Apple Watch OS.

I prefer Wear OS until I Decided to buy iPhone.

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