How Does Your Smartwatch Knows Whether You’re Sitting Or Standing?

By: Rahul Makwana

Whether it’s a budget or premium smartwatch, it can measure the heart rate, SpO2, and track footsteps too.

Along with that feature, you may have noticed that the smartwatch can also give you alerts on whether you Sitting on standing but how does a smartwatch know that?

How Does Your Smartwatch Knows Whether You’re Sitting or Standing?

Almost all smartwatches have an accelerometer sensor that tracks the movements of your body

So let’s say you’re sitting for hours on a chair then your smartwatch will alert you that you’re sitting for a long time because there was no body movement for an hour.

In the same way, if your hands are moving then your watch will have an idea that you’re standing or doing some kind of activity.

The accelerometer sensor checks all the data and by measuring everything, it tells you on the smartwatch display whether Sitting on standing.

Some of the premium smartwatches also use an accelerometer sensor and a gyroscope sensor to provide accurate data to show whether you Sitting on standing.

A gyroscope sensor also monitors your body movement too but more specifically, it knows whether you sitting, sleeping, or even running.

Now, you may have used the Raise to Wake feature on a smartwatch, the same feature is made possible because of the Gyroscope sensor.

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