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Noise i1 Smart Eyewear

The wearables market is booming in India and now, the Noise is trying to capture the Smart Glasses market too. Noise is one of the first Indian brands to launch Smart Glasses at a budget price.

The Noise i1 Smart Eyewear is priced at Rs 5999 while it’s only available in black color.

So let’s review the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear and find out whether it’s Gimmicky or has real-world usage.

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Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Review

No, The Noise i1 Smart Eyewear is not worth buying because it doesn’t offer anything new, it only comes with a microphone and speaker which doesn’t justify the Rs 5999 price tag, this more feels like a prototype, in short, its good starts from the Noise but it doesn’t make any sense to use in Real Life.

Technically, it looks like Noise has added TWS earbuds features into the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear and connected with their applications, there is nothing new that will excite you to spend Rs 5999 on these glasses.

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Pros and Cons

Bluetooth Range is GreatNo Waterproof
Speaker and Microphone quality are goodSiri/Google Assistant doesn’t work all the time
Build QualityHeavy
Decent Battery LifeBit Pricey
Not an Ideal Choice for day-to-day use
Desing could have been better


Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Image

For those who are wondering, the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear doesn’t have an AR feature, which means, you won’t able to see anything smart on glasses, it only has a speaker & microphone that’s it.

There is also an IPX4 rating which means, a little bit of water won’t harm the glasses but if you drop them into the water then get ready to use them as normal glasses.

Now, the glasses are UVA/B 99% protected, so the sunlight won’t harm your eyes. For connectivity, Noise has added Bluetooth 5.1 support which will give you a 10m range.

Microphone and Speakers

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Image03

As I have said, the Smart Glasses have a microphone and speaker but both of them are very loud, so whether you’re listening to music or talking with someone on call, the person sitting next to you will hear everything.

The good thing is, that the microphone and even speaker quality are good, so you won’t have a hard time talking to someone on calls in crowded places.

Again, the Smart Glasses don’t come with an LTE option, you will have to connect the glasses with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can download the Noise app from the play store & App Store.

By the way, it does have support for Google Assistant and it works fine but not the best, you will have to speak loud to trigger the Assistant.

Overall, this is their first Smart Glasses, so one should not complain much also, don’t consider buying it because you will be disappointed with its quality.

Design, Comfort, and Build

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Image01

As you can tell from the images, the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear is a bit heavy because it has 47 grams of weight. The glass frame is not that heavy but the side handle is quite heavy because it has everything from a microphone, and speaker to even a charging pin.

The entire frame is made out of plastic, the quality of the plastic is also great, it won’t feel like you’re wearing cheap glasses. By the way, the hinge is also good, there won’t be any issue there.

For day-to-day life, I won’t recommend these glasses because it has huge handles which don’t look good at all.

When we buy glasses, we look for good-looking glasses, so I feel, one should not compromise, just because it has a microphone and speakers.

Don’t get me wrong, the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear looks great in the images but it won’t feel comfortable if you wear it for more than 30 minutes.

Battery Life

If you listen to music at 90% volume then expect the battery life to be around 5 to 6 hours but if you keep the volume to around 40% to 50% then the battery will last for 8 to 9 hours.

The battery life is quite good but as this is smart glass, I feel, it should have had more than 10 hours of battery life. It will take about 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% while there is also fast charging too, 15 minutes of charging will provide 2 hours of battery backup.

So yes, this is what it is.

Noise i1 Smart Eyewear FAQs

Q: Does Noise i1 Smart Eyewear has AR Features?

A: No.

Q: What is the Indian price of Noise i1 Smart Eyewear?

A: The Noise i1 Smart Eyewear is priced at Rs 5999 in India.

Q: Does Noise i1 Smart Eyewear has a microphone and speakers?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use a power lens on Noise i1 Smart Eyewear?

A: Yes, you can but Noise won’t provide the power lens, you have to visit a local store.

Q: Does Noise i1 Smart Eyewear has Siri/Google Assistant?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Noise i1 Smart Eyewear waterproof?

A: No, it’s not waterproof but it does have an IPX4 rating, so a little bit of water won’t hurt the glasses.

Q: How is the battery life on Noise i1 Smart Eyewear?

A: Noise has promised the 9 hours of battery life but it won’t last that long, expect the battery to last for about 5 to 6 hours.

Q: Can I make calls from Noise i1 Smart Eyewear?

A: Technically yes, you can make calls from Noise i1 Smart Eyewear as it has support for Siri/Google Assistant but it doesn’t work the best all the time.

Q: How do I control the volume on Noise i1??

A: You can use the touch interface of the Nose i1 temple to control the volume. Tap the right temple to increase the volume. Tap the left temple to decrease the volume.

Q Does Noise i1 Smart Eyewear have fast charging support?

A: Yes, it has fast charging support, 15 minutes of charging will provide 2 hours of battery backup.

Q What is the Bluetooth range on Noise i1 Smart Eyewear?

A: It has Bluetooth 5.1 support and a 10m range.


Noise i1 Smart Eyewear Image04

I think you might have an answer to whether it’s worth the Rs 5999 price tag or not? if not then let me give you an idea…

Noise needs to add more features, it would have been great if they add an AR feature and make that glass smarter. I know, it will also increase the price too but if Noise makes that happen people will buy it.

The Noise i1 Smart Eyewear is a good start from Noise and I hope, they will add more features with the next generation, till then, if you can, skip the Noise i1 Smart Eyewear and buy something else with that Rs 5999 or save for the next-gen.

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