Is it Worth Buying boAt Lunar Call Pro?

boAt Lunar Connect Pro

The boAt is 5th largest wearable brand in the world and they archived that because of the competitive pricing, now they have entered the mid-budget segment with the newly launched boAt Lunar Call Pro and Connect Pro.

By the way, both the boAt Lunar Connect Pro and Call Pro have the same specs, the only difference is, the Lunar Connect Pro is launched for Flipkart, and the Lunar Call Pro is launched for Amazon.

Yes, you heard it right, boAt has launched the same watches for two different e-commerce websites.

boAt Call Pro Specifications

  • boAt Connect Pro Price: Rs 3,999
  • Display: 1.39-inches 60Hz AMOLED Display (600nits Brightness)
  • Build: Metal Frame and Plastic Back
  • Processor: Apollo3 chipset
  • Sensors: heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracker, stress tracker, and breath control mode.
  • Bluetooth Version: Version 5.0 and Version 3.0
  • Microphone and Speaker: Yes with Bluetooth Calling
  • Battery: 260mAh Battery
  • Colors: Metallic Black, Charcoal Black, Deep Blue, and Cherry Blossom.

Is it Worth Buying boAt Lunar Call Pro?

boAt Lunar Connect Pro Indian Retail Box

Yes, the boAt Lunar Call Pro buying but it’s not for everyone, for example, if you wanted a smartwatch that provides accurate health data then consider the watches from RealMe or Amazfit. The boAt Lunar Call Pro is for those who wanted a stylish smartwatch at a budget price tag along with a Bluetooth calling feature.

Also, keep in mind, the watch has Bluetooth Version 5.0 which means, it doesn’t have a single Bluetooth chip, so the call quality is not as good as the price tag along with that, the watch doesn’t provide longer battery life with the calling feature enabled.

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Still, if you’re at home then you will able to take the call and make calls without any problems but if you’re in a public place then it might get hard to hear someone on a smartwatch speaker.

Display Quality

boAt Lunar Connect Pro Outdoor Display Test

The boAt Lunar Call Pro comes with a 1.39-inch 60Hz AMOLED panel.

The display quality is solid and you won’t face any kind of issue while using it outdoors but the watch has huge bezels around it.

Now, the bezels don’t look that big in the images but it has big rounded bezels which don’t give that premium feeling that boAt is talking about.

boAt Lunar Connect Pro Back Sensors

By the way, the watch is comfortable to wear and it’s a big watch, so if you have a small wrist then the watch will look bigger.

Health Accuracy

the boAt has added an optical heart rate sensor which is standard for this price range, so there is nothing new to talk about as it provided kind of decent health data.

Also, don’t use this watch if you have some serious health issues.

The SpO2 sensor is hit or miss and I have said many times, never rely on a budget smartwatch for SpO2. Just get Pulse Oximeter from amazon, it costs about 500 which is a good investment to make.

boAt Lunar Connect Pro Heart Rate Tracking

The heart rate data is kind of okay, keep the error margin about 5% to 10% to be on the safer side. Also, the watch doesn’t have a built-in GPS, and boAt is still, charging Rs 3999 which is not justifiable at all.

I have 0% trust in boAt smartwatches as they’re importing most of the components from China but they’re providing affordable watches with all the sensors, and people are buying them.

Now, this is not the only case with boAt, other brands like Noise and even Fire boltt are doing the same thing. That’s the reason why their watches are cheaper compared to other brands (They don’t use R&D word).

Battery Life

boAt Lunar Connect Pro health Features

Because of the older Bluetooth Version 5.0, the watch consumes more battery life, especially in Bluetooth calling.

In short, if you’re planning to buy this watch for calling then you will have to charge the watch by the end of the day or the next morning. Depending on what other feature you plan to use.

Now, if you don’t use Bluetooth calling then you will get really 7 to 10 days of battery life.


boAt Lunar Call Pro

Rahul Makwana

boAt Lunar Connect Pro
Health Accuracy
Bluetooth Calling
Battery Life


The boAt Lunar Call Pro could have been a solid smartwatch for the Rs 3999 price tag but because of inconsistent health accuracy, this doesn’t worth the Rs 3999 price tag at all.


The boAt is an Indian brand and I want them to do well but they’re promoting their smartwatches as Made-in-India and in reality, they’re importing them from China.

Even then I don’t have any issues but they’re also not providing real value at Rs 3999 price tag.

I’m hoping that they will improve Watch UI and work on R&D rather than copying China. Also, get out of that Bluetooth calling feature, it’s a good feature but it’s not the only feature to focus on smartwatches.

Focus also don’t health and provide accurate data, if you can.

Better consider the Dizo Watch R Talk or RealMe Watch 3 Pro which are available at almost the same price.

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