3 Reasons to Buy Nothing Ear Stick and 4 Reasons to Not

Nothing Ear Stick Buds

Nothing Ear 1 was a solid earbud when it was launched at Rs 4999 but after the Rs 2500 price hike it’s not the best option at Rs 8,500 in India while the same can be said for the newly launched Nothing Ear Stick.

Nothing Ear Stick is a downgraded version of Ear 1 and yet it’s priced at Rs 8,500 in India ($99 in the USA) which is not justifiable at all still, let’s see some of the reasons to buy and skip the Nothing ear Stick.

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Reasons to Buy Nothing Ear Stick

If we keep price aside then the Nothing Ear Stick offers something new compared to its competition from a refreshing design that matches Nothing Phone 1. So let’s see some of the reasons to buy Nothing Ear Stick.

Refreshing Design

Nothing Ear Stick Image 02

Design is subjective, some will like it and some will hate but you can’t ignore that Nothing is trying new compared to what we’re getting in the Truly wireless earbuds market.

The Nothing Ear Stick looks like more lipstick and there is some speculation that it’s specially made for women but of course, that’s just speculation.

Nothing Ear Stick Image 04

One more thing,

You know how Nothing Ear 1 (review) has touch gesture control but that’s gone with Nothing Ear Stick because Nothing is using a physical button in Ear Stick.

I have never liked physical buttons in earbuds but it’s a design choice that Nothing made.

Nevertheless, Nothing Ear Stick has a beautiful design and when you’re using it in public places, people will ask you the brand name. In short, it’s an attractive design, just like Nothing Phone 1.

Clear Sound

Nothing Ear Stick Image 03

If you don’t like the bass then you might like the Nothing Ear Stick sound quality because the buds don’t have the Silicone Tips which is Con as well as the Pro, it depends on how you look at it.

Personally, I don’t like the TWS earbuds without Silicone Tips. When buds have Silicone Tips, it fits well in my ears and I don’t get anxious that they will fall away when I go for a wall or run.

Nothing Ear Stick looks almost the same as Apple Air Pods, first, they copied the Apple Air Pods Pro design, and now the Air Pods.

As I have said, the buds don’t have the extra bass and because of that, you will get crystal clear sound quality, so if you love to listen to lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar music then you will fall in love with the Ear Stick.

Battery Life

Nothing Ear Stick Image 07

Because of the missing ANC, the Ear Stick will provide up to 28 hours of battery life while the single bud will provide between 5 to 6 hours of battery life, depending on how you use it.

For example, if you keep the buds volume between 50% to 60% then you will get between 5 to 6 hours of battery life but if you keep the volume between 80% to 100% then the battery life will drop to 3.5 to 5 hours.

So yes, the battery life is solid because of the missing feature.

Reasons to Not Buy Nothing Ear Stick

You’re paying Rs 8,499 for Nothing Ear Stick in India and $99 in the USA, so you should know some of the cons too. So let’s see some of the reasons to avoid the Nothing Ear Stick.

Too Pricey

Nothing Ear Stick Image 06

Indian users won’t pay Rs 8,499 for Earbuds that don’t have Silicone Tips, that’s the fact, I’m from India too and the same applies to me also.

The fact that Nothing is also selling Nothing Ear 1 at Rs 8499, so it doesn’t make any sense to pay the same money for Ear Stick.

I get it, the Ear Stick has an attractive design but at the end of the day, what matters is its sound quality. You will love the design for one or two days but after that, you will judge the sound.

Still, if money is not the issue then give it try, you will love the design but if you’re someone who wants the value for money TWS earbuds then Nothing Ear Stick is not for you.

For reference, Nothing Ear 1 was launched at Rs 4999 in India ($99 in the USA) and now it’s available at Rs 8499 ($149 in the USA), not cool but this is business.

Isn’t it coincident, Nothing increases the price of Nothing Ear 1 a month before the launch of Ear stick?

Low Bass

Nothing Ear Stick Image 05

The buds should have bass but when there are no Silicone Tips, you won’t get the proper bass.

Now, I won’t talk much, it’s a simple thing, if you love the extra bass or even normal bass then it’s better to skip the Ear Stick.

Also, if you like Nothing’s design then you can always consider Nothing Ear 1.

No Silicone Tips

Nothing Ear Stick Image 08

Apple is selling Air Pods at Rs 19,999 and people are buying them because of the Apple Logo and eco-system.

Nothing is a new company and they don’t have a strong eco-system because they don’t have enough products.

So rather than coping with Apple, they should provide something that users want. For example, better sound quality, and connectivity across the devices.

In short, there was no need for an Ear stick but now it’s here without Silicone Tips. Again, there are some users who don’t like Silicone Tips and some will buy them because of the design.

No ANC Support

Nothing Ear Stick Image 09

No Silicone Tips, no ANC.

Without Silicone Tips, you will hear everyone from outside.

Nothing Ear 1 has decent ANC, it’s not the best or worst but it’s there and you can use it to reduce the background noise when you’re in public palaces but the same can’t be said for the ear stick.

Not good at all, I mean, the buds are priced at Rs 8499.


If money is not the issue and you wanted to try out a new design then do try Nothing Ear Stick otherwise, it’s better to save Rs 8,499 ($99).

As Nothing is attaching Ear Stick with fashion, so it makes more sense to launch the buds on Myntra, it will also be available on Flipkart too.

As of now, the buds only come in white color but just like Ear 1, Nothing will launch in Black color after a month.

Nothing Ear Stick Specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 (Google fast pair and Microsoft swift pair)
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Weight: 4.4g (each earbud), 46.3g (charging case and buds)
  • Dimensions (earbuds): 29.8×18.8×18.4mm
  • Charging: via USB-C
  • Measurements: 87.1×29.8×29.8mm
  • Driver size: 12.6mm dynamic
  • Price: Rs 8,499 (India), $99 (USA)

Still, confused then you can always drop a comment and I will try my best to help you out.

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