Are boAt Smartwatches Worth Buying?

boAt Logo with Smartwatch

The boAt is the 5th largest wearable brand in the world, their cheapest smartwatch is priced at Rs 999 whereas their premium smartwatch is priced at Rs 3999.

The key selling point of boAt smartwatch is the price tag, they provide almost all the sensors from Heart Rate, SpO2, Stress, and even sleep tracking in almost all of their smartwatches.

This is the reason why they’re the 5th largest wearable brand in the world. India is price sensitive market and Indian people love their country, hence, boAt is marking their product as “Made in India”.

Reality Of Made In India Smartwatches Image02

The reality is boAt is not a 100% made-in-India brand, they import almost all the sensors from China, and they just assemble their products in India.

That Made in India Tag is there for marketing, so don’t fall for it.

Now the question is “Are boAt Smartwatches Worth Buying?” let’s find out…

Are boAt Smartwatches Worth Buying?

As of 2023, no the boAt Smartwatches are not worth buying because they don’t provide value, boAt does offer all the sensors but the majority of the sensors are not accurate in real-life usage. From now, boAt needs to spend some money on R&D and work on their watch UI otherwise, people will move to other brands.

Now, there is no doubt that boAt provides good build quality but what about other features?

For movement, we can work with the plastic build but boAt needs to provide better sensors and work on the software side of things.

These days almost all budget smartwatches are coming with an Optical heart Rate sensor, so there is nothing new that boAt smartwatches offer other than being cheaper.

Also, look at these images, one that boAt has used on their website and another one is a real image.

 boAt Lunar Call Pro Display Bezels

I mean, see the display bezels. The boAt has marketed boAt Lunar Call Pro as a bezel-less smartwatch that has a better display than the Galaxy Watch 5 and here when you buy the watch, you will get huge rounded bezels all around it.

At the same time, other wearable brands are using Latest Bluetooth 5.3 version which allows companies to use single-chip Bluetooth for better calling and better life.

Even after paying Rs 4,000 boAt is providing Bluetooth 5.0. Not okay, at all…

Coming to the round circle, boAt is Indian Brand and I hope they will focus more on quality rather than importing their smartwatch from China and putting their logo on top.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, boAt is doing extremely well in the Indian market but now, they have to provide a good smartwatch that has better sensors and works on their watch UI.

If boAt doesn’t want to build a new OS then just use the FreeRTOS which is an open-source operating system.

Fun Fact, Amazfit’s Zepp OS is powered by FreeRTOS.

As of now, if you can kindly stay away from the boAt smartwatches and take look at brands like Amazfit, RealMe, Redmi, or even Samsung if your budget is up to 10k.

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