Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling On Smartwatches

Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth

We’re seeing more Bluetooth calling smartwatches in India at the budget price and it’s all because of Indian smartwatch makers, now when it comes to Bluetooth calling, you have to see whether the watch has Single Chip or Dual Chip Bluetooth but why? that’s what we gonna find out today…

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Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling smartwatches features the Bluetooth 5.0 version which is used for connectivity and data synchronization whereas, the same watches also come with another Bluetooth chip which generally is Bluetooth 3.0 and this is used to make make and receive calls.

Because the watch has a dual chip inside, one is for connectivity and the second is for Bluetooth calling, hence it’s called Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling.

Also, as the watch has dual chips, it will consume more battery along with that, and there will be lots of issues in connectivity as well.

The moral of the story is, Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches is not a good ideal option, especially for Bluetooth calling.

Single Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Single Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Smartwatches with Single Chip Bluetooth only have a single chip which will be Bluetooth 5.2 or higher. The tech is still new and we’re yet to see the single-chip Bluetooth calling in budget smartwatches, still, we do have some good options above 3k.

Again, there is no need for a second chip, everything is performed in a single chip because of this, the watches provide longer battery life, stable connection, and even better range.

Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Single Chip Bluetooth CallingDual Chip Bluetooth Calling
Rock-Solid Stable Connectivity Unstable Connectivity
Longer Battery LifeLow Battery Life
Longer and Stable Calling RangeLow Calling Range
Brand New Bluetooth 5.2 or Higher Older Bluetooth 5.0
Close to No Delay in CallingLittle Delay in Calling

Which is Better Dual chip or Single chip smartwatch

Dual chip vs Single-chip Bluetooth

To make it simple, if you use Bluetooth calling feature on a smartwatch a lot then it’s better to get a smartwatch with a single chip but if you don’t care about Bluetooth calling then better get a dual Chip smartwatch as it will be cheaper in price.

As I have said, single-chip Bluetooth makes everything perfect as it’s an updated version of Dual Chip Bluetooth.

For example, Single Chip Bluetooth provided longer battery life, stable connection, and a lot more whereas Dual chip Bluetooth doesn’t provide the same as its used dual chip at the same time for everything.

Popular Single Chip Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches

Smartwatches will change as time passes, so it’s always better to look for the latest and new smartwatches, nonetheless, let me share with you some of the good smartwatches with single Bluetooth calling at this movement.

Also, if you wanted to check out the latest best smartwatch then do check out this page.

RealMe Watch 3 Pro

RealMe Watch 3 Pro Review 12
Image Credit: yt/Tech Singh

Hands down, this is one of the best smartwatches available under Rs 5,000 in India, it has everything from built-in GPS, 60Hz AMOLED display, a super bright panel, a well-organized app, and most importantly Bluetooth 5.3 with Single Chip Bluetooth Calling.

In short, if your budget is 5k then don’t look for anything else. Also, if you’re curious about the watch then do read my in-depth review

Dizo Watch R Talk

Dizo Watch R Talk Review 6
Image Credit: yt/Aman Dhingra

For some reason, if you don’t like the square design and wanted the rounded smartwatch then do consider the Dizo Watch R Talk, also keep in mind, the watch doesn’t have the built-in GPS but it does have the latest Bluetooth 5.3 with Single Chip Bluetooth Calling.

Again, Dizo is a sub-brand of RealMe, so whatever feature you get in RealMe watches, the same will be in Dizo Watch R Talk.

For more, you can always read my in-depth review of Dizo Watch R Talk.


There you have it, again, you learned something new today and I’m happing that, when you buy a new smartwatch, you will check whether the watch has Single Chip or Dual Chip Bluetooth.

Still, if you have any kind of questions then feel free to drop a comment and we’ll talk about it, see you there.

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