Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch R Talk?

Dizo Watch R Talk

Everything about Dizo Watch R Talk is perfect except for one thing that might change your buying decision nevertheless, it’s still, a solid offering from Dizo.

The Dizo Watch R Talk is priced at Rs 4,999 and it’s available in Classic Black and Silver Grey color options, so let’s find out whether it’s worth buying or not.

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Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch R Talk

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Yes, definitely the Dizo Watch R Talk is worth buying because it offers a metal build, Bluetooth calling, super bright AMOLED panel, IP68 5 ATM Water-Resistant, and good looking rounded design. However, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS which might be a deal breaker, nonetheless, it’s still, worth buying at the Rs 4999 price tag.

Dizo is a sub-brand of RealMe and RealMe has played a smart game here, they have provided built-in GPS on RealMe Watch 3 Pro but it didn’t make it to Dizo Watch R Talk, so you have to choose, what you really want because you won’t get everything in a single product.

Dizo Watch R Talk Pros and Cons

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One of the biggest disadvantages of Dizo Watch R Talk would be missing built-in GPS, now, it won’t be a huge deal breaker for lots of users but once you come to know the importance of GPS, you will think twice before buying any budget smartwatch.

Wait for it…

Now, when you do outdoor exercise, the smartwatch uses all the sensors from heart rate, SpO2, and GPS to measure your live location, and in the end, it provides the burned calories and the distance you run.

So if you’re a fitness frick then it’s better to buy a smartwatch that has built-in GPS for more accurate data.

By the way, it’s not like, smartwatches without built-in GPS won’t provide accurate data, they will but they won’t provide 100% accuracy.

In short, if you exercise outdoors or run a lot then don’t compromise on GPS but if you do indoor exercise then built-in GPS won’t be very useful for you.

Yes, that was the one of disadvantages of Dizo watch R Talk yet if you’re confused then you can read my in-depth review on MobileDrop, so you can get a clear idea of whether Dizo Watch R Talk is made for you or not.


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Concluding everything from price to features, the Dizo Watch R Talk is worth buying and it does offer real value at a Rs 4999 price tag, it does have some flaws but still, it’s a solid smartwatch for the price it comes.

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Still, if you have any kind of questions or doubts then feel free to comment, and we will chat about it.

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