Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch D Talk?

Dizo Watch D Talk Review

Say hi to the re-brand of RealMe Watch 3, yes, I’m talking about the newly launched Dizo Watch D Talk which comes with a little bit of modification and even a price bump.

The Dizo Watch D Talk is priced at Rs 3,999 in Indian and it’s available in Classic Black, Steel White, Copper Pink, Dark Blue, and, Bronze Green color options, so let’s find out whether it’s worth buying or not.

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Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch D Talk?

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Confusing right, re-branding is never a good thing but here, Dizo has added an extra layer on top, the Dizo watch D Talk has a metal build and comes with pre-installed games, so yes, for the price of Rs 3999, its decent offering and it can be considered over RealMe Watch 3.

The RealMe Watch 3 comes with a plastic build and it doesn’t have games while it’s available at Rs 3499 whereas the Dizo Watch D Talk has a metal build and comes with games while it’s priced at Rs 3999.

So choose what you like the most, if the build quality is impotent to you then you can always pay extra Rs 500 and go Dizo Watch D Talk otherwise, RealMe Watch 3 will be a good option to consider.

By the way, both of these smartwatches have Bluetooth calling features which means, you can take and reject calls directly from the watch without touching your smartphone.

Dizo Watch D Talk Pros and Cons

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We have talked about GPS on the Dizo Watch R Talk review and the same applies to Dizo Watch D Talk too.

Let me add some of the paragraphs from the Review,

“In short, if you exercise outdoors or run a lot then don’t compromise on GPS but if you do indoor exercise then built-in GPS won’t be very useful for you” In which case if you want built-in GPS then you should consider the RealMe Watch 3 Pro.

Another one is, pre-installed games are good but they’re not playable at all, the display lags a lot while playing games, so yes, take the games as marketing and not useful feature.

Also, the Dizo Watch D Talk has a 1.80-inches TFT display which could be a deal breaker for some users because if you add Rs 1000 more then you can get the Dizo Watch R Talk and even RealMe Watch 3 Pro which comes with a fluid 60Hz AMOLED display.

Yes, that was the one of disadvantages of Dizo watch D Talk yet if you’re confused then you can read my in-depth review on MobileDrop, so you can get a clear idea of whether Dizo Watch D Talk is made for you or not.


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Keeping all things in mind, Dizo Watch D Talk is worth buying for the Rs 3999 price tag, it does have comes flaws but still, it offers some solid features like Bluetooth calling, metal build, smooth software, organized app, and close to accurate heart rate & SpO2 monitoring.

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Still, if you have any kind of questions or doubts then feel free to comment, and we will chat about it.

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