Find Out If Your Smartwatch has Fake AMOLED Display Or Real

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Indian Smartwatch brands are booming, and the reason is simple, the lower price tag. I also gave the in-depth market look for it as well but now, it turns out that, they’re also doing fake marketing, to another level.

Yes, the fake AMOLED display. They’re saying that our smartwatches have super AMOLED displays but when Indian YouTuber called Gyan Therapy tested their smartwatches, it turned out that, the display watch was LCD and they were charging 5k for the watch.

How to Find if Your Smartwatch Has a Fake AMOLED or Real?

You bought the smartwatch worth Rs 4,999 because it had the all good features from an AMOLED display to built-in GPS but what if you come to know that, the watch you bought has an LCD display?

Now to break your heart, let’s see whether your watch has an AMOLED or Fake AMOLED.

Screen Pixel Arrangement

LCD or even AMOLED display has the same Red-Green-Blue colors which are called RGB, the only difference is the LCD display has liquid organic pixels that are illuminated by an underlying backlight whereas AMOLED display can generate the liquid organic pixels by itself.

Further when you see the display with the help of any micro cameras then you will come to know that, LCD displays have a parallel pixel arrangement whereas AMOLED display has a dotted diamond or PenTile matrix pixel arrangement.

IPS LCD and AMOLED Display comparison

The moral of the story is, if you have a smartwatch then open your smartphone macro camera and point towards the smartwatch display, now if you see a parallel pixel arrangement then your watch has an LCD display but if your watch has a dotted diamond or PenTile matrix pixel arrangement then your watch has an AMOLED display.

By the way, the OLED display has four subpixel colors which are Red, Green, Blue, and Green. If you ever buy a watch with an OLED display, so do check it out.

Also, if you want to go all in then you can buy affordable microscope lenses for your smartphone. I will add some of the links below, so check them out, if wanted to buy one…


Whether it’s an AMOLED or OLED display, whenever you turn on the always-on display mode, the smartwatch will turn off all the display pixels except where the time clock is located. This is the reason why you see such rich black colors on AMOLED and OLED panels.

Whereas LCD displays have the underlying backlight which means, it’s not capable of turning off every single pixel. No matter how good the LCD display is, it can’t produce rich black colors like AMOLED or OLED.

The question is, how to check the black colors?

IPS LCD Display 58

Simply, use any of the black watch faces or set black wallpaper on your smartwatch and turn off all the lights in your room and see whether you see white glowing light around the display bezels, if you see a white glow then the watch has an LCD display and if you don’t see any white glows then your watch has an AMOLED display.

Why do Brands Lie about Display?

The reason is simple, any guesses, drum roll… the answer is money…

LCD displays are cheaper compared to AMOLED or OLED, so it makes sense to lie about the display and add the LCD instant of the AMOLED panel.

Now, the problem is, consumers are getting smarter and smarter every day, so someone will catch a lie and because of that, the company will lose its reputation.

Maybe for small brands, this won’t apply but when this kind of stuff is done by well-known a brand is kind of pathetic.

Also, some of the Indian brands are using cheap quality heart rate sensors and yet people are buying their smartwatches.

So from this article, I just wanted to say, please don’t buy smartwatches from any new brand where they’re marketing their smartwatches as Made-In-India because it’s not 100% true, do find out the truth here.

What to Do if your smartwatch has a fake AMOLED display

The first step is very simple, just return the product right away but if the return period is over then you can file a consumer complaint online which will consume a lot of your time.

The best thing to do is, don’t buy smartwatches or any kind of electronic product from new brands.

Brands like OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, or even Amazfit won’t lie about the display because they have a good reputation and they won’t risk all of it for a small chunk of money.


A lesson to be learned is don’t trust every single brand, some of them are just born from the Made-in-India tagline. So just follow the step I have mentioned and just stay away from scams because they’re lots of people who wants your money.

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