What is Google Fast Pair, How Does it Work, and FAQs

Google Fast Pair Notification

Bluetooth tech has come a long way, it use to take a whopping 10 to 20 seconds to connect to a smartphone and that has changed over the years, and now, Google has come up with “Fast-Pair” which lets Fast-Pair enabled devices connect to a smartphone within the seconds

So if you have ever seen Bluetooth connection pop up on your smartphone then that was Fast Pair, so let’s see how it works and what is Google’s Fast Pair.

What is Google Fast Pair

Google Fast Pair is a kind of new tech that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to detect nearby Bluetooth devices and enables hassle-free connection without killing much of your smartphone’s battery life.

To use Google Fast Pair, companies need to enable the feature otherwise, you have to connect your TWS earbuds the normal way which was going to the settings>bleutooth option, and then connect to the earbuds.

Further, it also uses the Your current location to detect the nearby Bluetooth devices which Google stores in your Google Account.

How to Use Google Fast Pair?

Connecting TWS using Google Fast Pair
  • Turn on Fast Pair Enabled Device and Enable Paring Mode (ex; press the button for 3 seconds).
  • Now, open your smartphone and enable Bluetooth by going to settings>bleutooth.
  • Once you do that, you will see a notification on your smartphone showing the device name and connect button.
  • Tap on Connect button and wait for a second while it establishes a Bluetooth connection.
  • After a few seconds, your Fast Pair Enabled Device will be connected to a smartphone and if there is a companion app available then Google will prompt you to download it.
Nothing X App Interface

Keep in mind, Google Fast Pair will only work if the device you’re using has the Fast Pair feature.

Also, if you don’t see the Fast Pair connection notification on your smartphone then make sure you check if the Google Play Servies notification is enabled or disabled.

To check the notification go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play services > Notifications.

Which Accessories Support Google Fast Pair?

Google Fast Pair is available on Android devices with Play services version 11.7+ and Android 6.0+. Also, features like battery indicators and other Customization options are only available on Android version 10 and above.

Other Accessories like truly wireless device, Bluetooth headphone, or even Bluetooth speaker needs Bluetooth version 4.2 or above to use the Google fast Pair feature. The cache is, Brands needs to provide support for Google Fats Pair otherwise, it won’t work with any Android smartphone.

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These days, most wireless device comes with at least Bluetooth version 4.2 and brands provide the Fast Pair as it’s more convenient and easy to use.

Benefits of Google Fast Pair

Customization: The key feature of Google Fast Pair is to connect to any Android smartphone within seconds but there is more to it. Now, with Android 10 or above, you can change the name of the Fast Pair Enable device and it also auto-saves in your Google Account for better connectivity whenever you change your Android Smartphone.

Google Fast Pair Customization Options

Battery Indicator: If you have seen the battery percentage of truly wireless earbuds on your smartphone’s notification center then it’s because of the Google Fast Pair.

Tracking: You can also track your Fast Pair Enabled device with your smartphone by ringing the device or seeing the last location of the device using Google’s Find My Device. This feature will only work if you have enabled Google’s Find My Device on your smartphone.

Google Fast Pair FInd Device Options

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Fast Pair

No, Google Fast Pair only works with Android smartphones.

Google Fast Pair uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means, devices with Fat pair enabled won’t consume a lot of battery life.

Google Fast Pair is supported on Android devices with Play services version 11.7+ and Android 6.0+, however, for more customization, Android 10 or above is necessary.

Yes, there is a way. Go to your smartphone settings, search for Fast Pair, under Google Play services tap on a device, and turn off the Scan for nearby devices.

Yes, it does work on Android Smart TVs if Google fast pair is enabled by the TV brand.

Yes, it does work seamlessly on Chromebooks if Google fast pair is enabled by the laptop brand.


Another day and you learn something new, so whenever you buy a new Bluetooth device, make sure you check whether the device has Google Fast Pair or not. Still, if you have any kind of questions then do drop them in to comment box and now, I will see you there.

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