12 Practical Advantages of Using Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are pretty popular these days because it does make life a bit easier, that said, they’re not as perfect as smartphones but there will be a day when watches will be good enough to skip smartphones.

Now, that day might come or may not, so for the time being, let’s talk about some of the benefits of using smartwatches. So if you wanted to buy a smartwatch and had questions then you will find your answers right here…

Advantages of Using Smartwatch

One of the key advantages of using a smartwatch is tracking your health, it can show you your heart rate, SpO2, and even further, ECG as well but there are many benefits that surprise you, so let’s talk about them.


This is my favorite feature of smartwatches, now Calculator is not available on every single smartwatch, so be aware of it when you’re buying a new smartwatch.

Some smartwatch brands like Fire-Boltt, Noise, BoAt, and even Amazfit provide a built-in Calculator that can do complex calculations. This means, if you have a smartwatch then there is no need to pull out your smartphone, instant use your wrist.

Control Music

This is so handy when you’re doing exercise or cooking something and if you’re wearing TWS earbuds then there is no need to use your smartphone to change the song, just tap on your smartwatch to play/pause, play the next/previous song, and adjusting the volume in one go.

GPS Map Navigation

Isn’t it amazing, you can use a wrist smartwatch for GPS Navigation? Now the cache is, Maps are only available on WearOS and WatchOS. Also, smartwatches with WearOS and even watchOS are expensive.

The cool thing is if you have a premium smartwatch then do download the Google Map or Apple Map and use your smartwatch for Navigation instant of pulling out your smartphone every single time.

Voice Assistant

Almost all budget or even premium smartwatches brand are adding a Voice Assistant feature in their smartwatch, so if your smartwatch has a microphone and speaker then just enable the Voice Assistant and start using it right away.

Also, if you have a budget smartwatch then you will have to manually check which Voice Assistant brand has provided whereas if the watch is running on WearOS then it will have Google Voice Assistant whereas, on Apple Watch, it will have Siri.

Again, Voice Assistant on a smartwatch is the same as that available on a smartphone, no changes there.

Find Your Phone

Yes, if you have connected your smartwatch to your smartphone using Bluetooth then you can Navigate your phone with a single tap. When you tap on find my device, the watch will send Bluetooth single to your smartphone and it will ring.

Health Tracking

If you didn’t know, almost all budget smartwatch uses the optical heart rate sensor along with the SpO2 sensor but when buying a premium smartwatch, it will have an ECG sensor that can tell you how is your heart condition, further you can share the same report with your doctor.

The sad part for India is, ECG on smartwatches is not approved by Government, that’s the main reason why, even after having an ECG sensor on an Apple watch and Galaxy watch, we’re not able to use it.

So Indians are stuck with only heart rate and SpO2 till our Indian government approved ECG on smartwatches.

Also, you can also count your footstep and even calories burned which is one of my favorite features of a smartwatch.

Emergency SOS Calling

This is a life-saving feature, for example, if you were driving a car and somehow, you forget to hit the break and you crashed the car then there is a chance that you won’t be able to reach your smartphone very easily and that’s where you can use your smartwatch SOS calling feature for help.

Now, this is just an example but make sure to use this feature for Emergencies because it has saved lots of people’s life.

Make Payments

Smartwatches with NFC can be used to make payments, so if you forget your smartphone at home while visiting the shopping mall and if you have saved your credit card in your smartwatch then you will be able to make single-tap payments using NFC.

Now, NFC is not yet available on budget smartwatches, so you will have to buy watches above 10k to use this payment feature.

Play Games

Yes, you can even play games on a smartwatch and the fact that we can even play games on budget smartwatches is mind-blowing.

Most budget watches provide games like 2048 and Snak which are good for time passes, don’t expect heavy gaming on budget smartwatches but if you have a premium watch and that watch has a dedicated App store then you will be able to download any game you like.


Now, the watches don’t come with a dedicated Torch but the fact is, you can use the smartwatch display which is amazing. When you click on the Torch icon, the watch will turn white, and it’s very useful when you’re not carrying your phone with you in dark.

Now, this Torch feature is available on almost all watches from budget to premium but still make sure to double-check before you buy a new smartwatch.


Bluetooth calling has made Indian smartwatch brands popular, which is one reason why Indian users are also buying smartwatches.

There are two types of calling smartwatches,

  • First, uses your smartphone Bluetooth to make/receive calls
  • Second, it comes with eSIM, so even if you don’t have your smartphone with you then you will be able to make/receive calls.

Now, a premium smartwatch allows you to choose from eSIM or Bluetooth calling whereas a budget smartwatch mostly comes with a Bluetooth calling option.

I personally don’t like to make/receive calls on a smartwatch, I prefer my smartphone but there are lots of users who also used the watch to make/receive calls.

Still, it’s better to have options.


I added this to last because this is kind of obvious, still, if you didn’t know. If you turn on smartphone notifications on your Smartwatch then you will receive all of your notifications on your wrist.

Now, this is an advantage as well as a disadvantage at the same time because we will be seeing notifications all day long even if it’s not necessary.

So what I do is, I don’t enable notifications on a smartwatch.

I only use my smartwatch for the fitness side of things.

What about you? do let me know in the comments box.


There you go, you learn something new about smartwatches. Also, there are two sides to every single thing, so I will be doing the disadvantages of smartwatches which will be out very soon.

Till then, if you know any disadvantages of using smartwatches then do drop them in the comments, I might add you to the next article, see you there.

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