7 Practical Disadvantages of Using Smartwatch

Disadvantages of Using Smartwatch

Smartwatches are a great tool and they can make our life easier but this is not necessary gadget to own. With that said, we have already talked about 12 Practical Advantages and now, it’s time to talk about 7 Practical Disadvantages of Using a Smartwatch.

Disadvantages of Using Smartwatch

The key disadvantage of any smartwatch is battery life, the more expensive watch you buy, the less battery you will get along with that, some of the watch brands lie about the sensors they’re using. So let’s take a look at more Disadvantages of Using a Smartwatch…

Calling is Not Practical

Fire Boltt Cobra Rugged Bluetooth calling
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That’s 100% true, let me give an example,

You’re standing at the bus stand and your friend calls and you pick up the call on your smartwatch, now the fun part is, everyone around you will listen to your conversation because the smartwatch has speakers.

Now, some of the watches also provide features to connect TWS earbuds with smartwatches but will you connect your TWS earbud every single time with a watch, especially, when you’re in a public place?

The calling feature on a smartwatch is great if you’re at home or you don’t want to pick up your smartphone but when it comes to public places, this is just another add-on that’s there but it’s not needed.

In short, when you’re buying a budget smartwatch, don’t go after Bluetooth calling, instant check whether the watch has all the necessary sensors or not.

Misleading Claims by Brands

IPS LCD and AMOLED Display comparison
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Some of the Indian brands are doing fake marketing. Brands like Crossbeats are promoting that our Rs 4,999 smartwatch has an AMOLED panel but when it comes to real life, it turned out that, the watch had an LCD display.

This is only present in a budget smartwatch, brands like Samsung, Apple, or Amazfit won’t do this kind of fake marketing.

So double-check the smartwatch before buying online. What you can do is, watch some videos on YouTube or read some articles on WearablesDrop to learn about smartwatches.

Health Features

Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth

Premsuim smartwatches from Apple and Samsung provide an ECG sensor which is a very helpful sensor to have in smartwatches but this is not enabled by any brands in India as our Indian government didn’t give permission.

So if you’re buying a smartwatch in the hope that I will get to use this or that feature then do check whether that feature/sensor is available in your country or not.

On top of that, some of the budget smartwatches are using cheap sensors and that’s the reason, those watches won’t provide accurate health data, so double-check that too.

Expensive Sometime

All the budget smartwatches are using only optical sensors to provide heart rate or even SpO2 data whereas, the stress level is measured by software.

Now, because of this, you will have to spend at least 10k to get better accuracy and in India, this is a big amount for Smartwatch.

What I’m saying is, smartwatches are expensive and they’re not a necessary tool to have unless and until you’re a rich person.

Limited Features

4 smartwatches side by side

Whether you buy a premium or budget smartwatch, you will need to keep your smartphone with you all the time unless and until you have bought the LTE version.

Also, the LTE version has its limitation, so at the end of the day, you will have to carry your phone with you will the time.

So if you’re hoping that the smartwatch will replace your phone then think for a second because it will never replace your phone.

On the other hand, budget watches will cut lots of features to provide one or two features. For example, if the watch has a built-in GPS and AMOLED panel then it will miss out on IP rating and build.

One way or another, you will miss out on some features, just like a smartphone.

Notifications Overload

Read Notifications aloud Galaxy Watch 5
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You don’t have to read every single notification you get on your smartphone, you have life, so enjoy that life when you’re away from your smartphone.

I look at smartwatches as a health tool, I use them whenever I go to the gym or for a run.

Charging Headache

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

Just like you charge your smartphone every day, the same way, you will have to charge your smartwatch, if you buy a premium watch.

Now, budget watches last for 7 or even 15 days with a single charge because the brands cut down on lots of features to provide longer battery life.

On the other hand, the watch from Google and Apple won’t last for even a day because they try to give the same experience as the smartphone whether by providing the App store or even games.

In Short, if you buy watches with WearOS or even WatchOS, get ready to charge that watch every single day.

Do You Really Need Smartwatch?

This is what you have to ask yourself, do I need a smartwatch or do I want a smartwatch?

These two are very different questions, so answer them truly because you’re spending your hard earn money on a tool that you might not need.

If you ask me the same question?

My answer would be, no I don’t need a smartwatch but yes, I do want a fitness band because I do exercise every day and I do want to know my performance.

Now, I own a fitness band because I can afford it. In the same way, if I didn’t have the money then I will never buy a watch or even a fitness band on EMI because I don’t need a watch, I want to watch to see my performance when doing exercise.

Wrapping Up

Smartwatches are not evil from any end, you just have to use them in a good way. So there you go, you learned something new but still, if you have any kind questions about watches then do drop DM on telegram, and I will see you there.

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