What Is Crash Detection On Apple Watch? How It Works

Car Crash and Apple Watch Ultra

As Apple says, Crash Detection is a life-saving feature that everyone should use it. So if you have the latest iPhone or even Apple Watch then make sure you use it because that’s what Apple is saying to you…

Now the question is, how does Crash Detection work, how to enable or disable it, and more importantly why should everyone use it?

What is Apple Crash Detection

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Apple Crash Detection is a safety feature that will trigger when you indulge in a car crash or accident, after the crash, the watch or iPhone will automatically detect the crash and show the Emergency SOS slider, now if you don’t respond to the slider then after 20 seconds, the watch will call emergency services right away for help.

It will share your information with the closest emergency services with your live location and your id.

Also, if you slide Emergency SOS before 20 seconds then the watch or iPhone won’t call the emergency services.

How Does Crash Detection Work on Apple Watch?

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Apple uses available all the sensors from gyroscopes, accelerometers, barometers, GPS, and microphones to detect whether a car crash or accident occurred or not.

Also to provide accurate data, Apple has made new motion sensors, an improved 3-axis gyroscope, and a high g-force accelerometer. These sensors can detect crashes up to 246g force.

The Crash Detection won’t trigger if you’re on a roller coaster ride.

For those who are wondering why does microphone is needed, the reason is, the microphone will detect the sound around you, so if your car has crashed then the microphone will identify the sound and whether to call emergency services.

Which Apple Watches Support Crash Detection?

Crash Detection is supported by Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), and Apple Watch Ultra. The future Apple watches will likely support Crash Detection.

Which iPhones Support Crash Detection?

Only the newly launched iPhone 14 series supports Crash Detection including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Altho, non of the iPhones have a dedicated Crash Detection app, the feature is directly built-in into the iOS.

How to Enable Crash Detection on Apple Watch?

Crash Detection is enabled by default by Apple, so you don’t have to do anything from your end.

How to Disable Crash Detection on Apple Watch?

To disable Crash Detection, simply press Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, click on SoC, and select Crash Detection, here turn off the Call After Severe Crash.

Now, if you want to enable Crash Detection then repeat the same processor by pressing Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, clicking on SoC, and selecting Crash Detection, here turn on the Call After Severe Crash.

How to Disable Crash Detection on iPhones?

To disable Crash Detection on iPhone, open Settings, select Emergency SOS, and turn off the Call After Severe Crash.

By the way, Crash Detection is enabled by default by Apple on iPhones, so there is nothing you have to do but if you want to disable it then follow the above steps.

What is the difference between Crash Detection and Fall Detection?

Crash and Fall Detection

Crash Detection can detect whether you’re in a Severe car Crash or not while fall Detection detects whether you have fallen on the ground.

Both of these features will show you the Emergency SOS slider for 20 seconds and if you don’t respond within that time then it will call the emergency services for help.

Crash Detection is an advanced version of Fall Detection as it comes with an upgraded improved 3-axis gyroscope and a high g-force accelerometer that can detect crashes up to 246g force.

Fall Detection was introduced in 2018 in Apple Watch Series 4 while Crash Detection was introduced in 2022 in Apple Watch Series 8.


Crash Detection is a life-saving feature and every single smartwatch should have this feature, it might cost a bit extra money but it’s worth it as it can save your and your loved one’s life.

Still, if you have any questions or doubts feel free to drop a comment.

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