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Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch R Talk Go

Dizo Watch R Talk Go Review
Images by Tech Singh

Another Smartwatch that can make calls but it comes with some flows, so let’s find out whether you spend Rs 3999 on Dizo Watch R Talk Go or not.

Dizo Watch R Talk Go Price in India

Dizo Watch R Talk Go is priced at Rs 3,999 in India and comes in Classic Black, Silver Grey, and Thunder Blue color option while it’s available on Flipkart IN website.

Is it Worth Buying Dizo Watch R Talk Go?

Dizo Watch R Talk Go Image 16

Yes, Definitely, Dizo Watch R Talk Go is worth buying, if you want the best Bluetooth-calling smartwatch but if you wanted the best watch for fitness side things then you should stay away from this as it doesn’t have the built-in GPS and it doesn’t provide accurate sleep tracking.

Sleep Tracking

I have said the same on MobileDrop and I will say it again,

“For example, I was watching an 1899 TV show on Netflix at around 7 PM but somehow, Dizo Watch R Talk counted a few extra hours in sleep tracking.”

So the issue is if you’re lying in your bed for hours then Dizo will count those hours into the nap sleep cycle.

This doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. So I’m assuming that this is a software issue and it can be fixed.

In short, yes, the watch doesn’t track sleep very accurately when we compare it with Amazfit smartwatches.

SpO2 and Heart Rate

Luckily, I didn’t face any issues, the watch provides close to accurate health data. Still, keep the error margin around 5%. So let’s say, the oximeter shows 99% SpO2 data then the Dizo Watch R Talk Go will show you around 97 to 99.


The Dizo Watch R Talk Go comes with a 300mAh battery and Dizo has promised 10 days of battery life but it won’t last that long. Expect the battery life to be around 7 to 10 days with normal usage and 2 to 3 days with heavy usage.


It has a 1.39-inch TFT Display, I know, AMOLED could have been better but this is what Dizo choose to add.

So if you wanted the metal built and AMOLED panel then you will have to pay Extra Rs 1000 and go with Dizo Watch R Talk.

So choose, what you want, choose…

Bluetooth Calling

It’s calling a smartwatch which means, you can make or receive calls on the watch without touching your smartphone, the only thing is, keep your smartphone connected to the watch via Bluetooth 24/7.

Now, the microphone and even speaker quality is good but just like any other budget watch. If you’re in a crowded place then another person on call might have a hard time hearing your voice because the watch only has a single mic.

Still, because of a single Bluetooth Chip, Dizo Watch R Talk Go provides a bit better sound quality.


Dizo Watch R Talk Go Image 11

If I was in your place with a budget of Rs 4000 then I will add Extra Rs 1000 and buy Dizo Watch R Talk because it has a better build, a better display, and provide a bit of accurate health data.

Now, if you don’t want to spend extra Rs 1000 then you’re compromising on the Display and Build Quality, so if you’re okay with these two things then you can consider the Dizo Watch R Talk Go.

Kind of a short answer isn’t it, so if you have any kind of questions then do read my in-depth review of Dizo Watch R Talk Go.

Images by Tech Singh

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