What Is eSIM and How It Work in Smartwatch: With Pros and Cons

What Is eSIM and How It Work in Smartwatch

eSIM is back in the news after Apple decided to remove the SIM trey from the iPhone 14 but we’re not here to talk about how Apple is saving the environment by removing the SIM tray, we’re here to talk about what eSIM and how it works in the smartwatch.

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What is eSIM

eSIM in smartphones

eSIM is basically a virtual sim card that you can’t put inside a smartwatch or smartphone, to get eSIM functionality, you will have to contact your Sim provider (ex; Airtel, AT&T, etc) and they will activate the eSIM on your device.

If you have Cellular Smartwatches then you can use your existing SIM card on your smartphone as well as a smartwatch, just contact the SIM provider and they will duplicate your existing SIM Card and you will be able to use the internet and make calls directly from the smartwatch without the help of a smartphone.

Now, the biggest question is, how does eSIM Works? let’s find out…

How does eSIM work in a Smartwatch?

eSIM in iPhones

You know how physical SIM Cards come with the chip, In the same way, smartwatch manufacturers add the same chip inside the smartwatch which has the ability to contain all the details from numbers, contacts, calls, and more.

The only thing you have to do is to contact the SIM Card provider and tell them you want to enable ESIM functionality on your existing SIM Card and they happily duplicate your existing SIM Card and activate the same number in your smartwatch.

Also, if you want a new eSIM then you will have to visit the local shop and SIM Card provide will give you choose to select the numbers once you finalize the number, they will activate the eSIM on your smartwatch.

By the way, you can recharge the eSIM as you like, it will work the same way as a physical SIM. The functionality or even recharge plans won’t change, everything will remain the same, it’s just that, you’re using a virtual sim card.

The same process is applicable to smartphones too.

How to Check If Smartwatch Supports eSIM?

SIM Card tray

When you buy a smartwatch, you will have two options one is Cellular, and the second is non-Cellular.

The Cellular option will let you use the eSIM while the non-Cellular option will have Bluetooth calling feature where you will have to connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth with your smartphone to receive calls and messages.

In simple words, when you buy a new smartwatch, check the product page and see whether the smartwatch supports eSIM or not. Now, if you’re buying from a local store then all the information regarding eSIM will be present on the retail box, or just ask the shopkeeper.

By the way, you won’t get eSIM support in a budget smartwatch, you will have to spend more than Rs 30,000 to get the eSIM.

Now let’s check some of the Pros and Cons of eSIM…

Advantages and Disadvantages of eSIM in Smartwatches

eSIM does provide simplicity but at the same time, you might get frustrated because this is still, a new thing in India and it will take some time to get faster.


  • You can Duplicate your existing number and use it on your mobile and smartwatch at the same time.
  • No need smartphone, you can use the internet directly on your smartwatch.
  • You can change the Network Operator with a single click


  • It gets hard to use eSIM on another device, for example, you have to contact your Network Operator and remove eSIM from the existing smartwatch you’re using and then add the new smartwatch. Now, this will take 2 hours and even more while Physical SIM will only take 5 seconds.
  • eSIM smartwatches are expensive
  • It takes lots of time to connect an eSIM with a smartwatch
  • Smartwatch with eSIM will consume more battery life

Should You Buy Smartwatch with eSIM?

It depends on what you’re looking for, if you feel I don’t want to use my smartphone too often then you can give try to eSIM smartwatch which will do everything for you from calling, massaging, payment and even you can use maps too.

At the same time, you can also disable the eSIM functionality and use the eSIM smartwatch as a normal smartwatch.

Again, eSIM smartwatches are expensive, so if you have money then give it a try otherwise, a Bluetooth calling smartwatch is sufficient enough for day-to-day life.

FAQ About Using eSIM in Smartwatches

I know, you will have tons of questions, so let me answer some of them. If I miss anything then do let me know in the comment, and you will get your answer.

Which Network Operator provides the eSIM in India?

As of now, Airtel, Jio, and Vi Provide eSIM functionality in India.

Which Network Operator provides the eSIM in the USA?

There are many, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, West Wireless, Cellcom, Carolina, C Spire Spectrum, US Cellular, Bluegrass, and Xfinity Mobile.

Can I use eSIM and physical SIM of the same number at the same time?

Definitely, you can use it, if you have Apple Watch and iPhone. Other than Apple, not many smartwatch brands are providing this functionality.

Does eSIM come with a Mobile Number?

Of course, you will get the new number or you can also covert your physical SIM into the eSIM.

Will eSIM work without a physical SIM?

Yes, the purpose of eSIM is to remove the physical SIM.

How do I get an eSIM Smartwatch?

It’s simple, just check the product page or if you’re buying from a local store then just ask the shopkeep.

Can I convert my existing SIM to an eSIM?

Yes, you can convert your existing SIM to an eSIM, just ask your Network Operator and they will do all the heavy lifting.


eSIM is getting popular day by day and after the launch of the iPhone 14, other brands will adopt the eSIM and after some years, physical SIM will disappear, just like a 3.5mm audio jack.

With that said, I hope, now you know how eSIM works and what is eSIM, still, if you have questions then feel free to drop a comment, see you there…

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