Is it Worth Buying OnePlus Nord Watch?

OnePlus Nord Watch Review

OnePlus was such a good brand, they have given us some of the best smartphones at affordable prices but now, they’re dying day by day.

The newly launched OnePlus Nord Watch is one example, so let’s see whether you should spend Rs 4999 or not.

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Is it Worth Buying OnePlus Nord Watch?

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 01

No, the OnePlus Nord Watch is not worth buying because this is Rs 4999 smartwatch and yet OnePlus didn’t feel to add Bluetooth calling and built-in GPS, now without these two features, it’s just a fitness band with a larger display.

We have tons of better smartwatches available under Rs 4999, so it doesn’t make any sense to pay a premium for OnePlus. I mean, take look at RealMe Watch 3 Pro and Dizo Watch R Talk.

Also, if OnePlus wanted to focus on the fitness side of things then they should have added the built-in GPS.

Now for those who are wondering why built-in GPS is important then let me add one paragraph from my OnePlus Nord Watch Review,

“When you do outdoor exercise, the smartwatch uses all the sensors from heart rate, SpO2, and GPS to measure your live location, and in the end, it provides the burned calories and the distance you run.”

So yes, if the watch has built-in GPS then it will provide more accurate health data.

In short, if you run a lot then again, do consider the RealMe Watch 3 Pro or Amazfit Bip 3 Pro (review).

What’s Good

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 02

The display quality is superb, it has small bezels which look amazing while it’s a 60Hz AMOLED display, so everything will feel smooth.

The build quality is solid too, OnePlus have used Zinc alloy for the frame while buckles have made from stainless steel and strap from Silicon.

The UI is fluid too, there is no lag or frame drop.

The battery will last for 7 to 8 days which is good. Why longer battery life, the reason is, it doesn’t have Built-in GPS and Bluetooth calling, so the watch won’t consume more battery.

That’s it.

Now, you can get everything I have mentioned in the Rs 3000 smartwatch too, so OnePlus didn’t do anything extraordinary here.


OnePlus Nord Watch Image 07

If you have money to spend and you don’t care about built-in GPS and Bluetooth calling then do consider the OnePlus Nord Watch otherwise, it’s a straight-up overpriced smartwatch by OnePlus.

OnePlus Nord Watch Price in India

The OnePlus Nord Watch is priced at Rs 4,999 in India and it’s available in Midnight Black and Deep Blue color options while it’s available on Amazon.

Still, confused, feel free to comment or read my full review of the OnePlus Nord watch.

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